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6356662319 e0ec366a15 The Very Best Exercises for Soccer Players

If you’re serious about soccer, your workout regimen doesn’t end on the field with warm-ups and cool downs. Any athlete needs to properly care for their body (and in some cases paycheck) with regular routines that incorporate cardio, strengthening, agility training, flexibility and balance. There are a number of workouts that can help improve a soccer player’s performance. Of course, a couple of rest days per week are equally important.

You might think that the more you practice soccer, the better you’ll be. The reality is that the more you practice soccer complemented by other appropriate workouts, the better you’ll be. Just like with a Multirae PID or RAE Systems PID, keeping everything in great working order takes some know how. Try out these exercises to improve your game.


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Get Your Heart Pumping

It’s no surprise, but a solid cardio routine is essential for soccer players. Following an approved running regimen can increase speed and endurance on the field. Some players challenge themselves to a half or full marathon as a means of pushing toward this goal. However, bear in mind that too much running can be rough on joints, ligaments and muscles.

A safer option is circuit training at a gym. This will involve short, three-minute sessions on varying equipment. Sprints and weaving, a thirty-second rest, followed by another activity like climbing stairs keeps the body guessing. This type of change-up also mimics what players experience on the field.


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Back to Basics

Dedicating time outside of team practice to ball skills is essential. A great exercise that can be done in a short amount of time is simply kicking and returning a ball against a wall in varying degrees of speed. After about ten kicks, stop the ball to improve strength and reaction time. It’s also a relatively low-impact exercise given the short amount of time necessary to practice it.

Plyometrics (i.e., jumping) is another great tool. You can combine this with lunges to balance out each exercise. P90X offers a great one-hour plyometrics workout. Bench presses and rows are additional strengthening exercises that are sure to help a soccer star.


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Get Balanced

Practicing yoga is a fantastic way to improve flexibility, balance and strength. Try a Vinyasa course that focuses on linking breath with movement. This is often a faster-moving style that can also double as cardio (depending on the level of difficulty). Particular poses, or asanas, that are helpful for soccer players include dancer, sun salutations and warrior three.

The best soccer exercises are the ones that work for you. Every athlete is different. Be careful of any old injuries or an exercise that you really don’t enjoy. We all are drawn to what we like and there are enough exercises out there that there’s no point forcing yourself into something.

 The Very Best Exercises for Soccer Players

About Shane Jones

I have been a long time soccer fanatic who naturally loves to live and breath the sport. Having played at many different competitive levels as well as coached the youth, I have developed a passion for talking about the game. My goal is to help educate on local opportunities to become involved in the soccer community, as well as help provide instruction, and entertainment for all soccer enthusiasts.